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SCADA and HMI systems

The SCADA system is a collection of software and hardware components that serve for supervision, control, collection of data on material equipment and real-time data processing.

The system monitors and controls processes and equipment in the industry, infrastructure, and facility management areas.

The SCADA system collects information, such as the location of a leak in the pipe system, forwards the information to the main site, alerts the main station that the leakage occurred, carries out necessary analysis and monitoring, determines whether the leak is critical, and displays information in an organized manner. The SCADA systems can be relatively simple. They can be built for a simple manufacturing line, or supervise an entire factory.

Normally, a SACDA system will contain the following sub systems:

  • HMI – enables interaction with field devices such as pumps, valves, motors, sensors, etc.
  • Supervisory System – a computerized supervision system that collects information about the process and sends monitoring commands to the process.
  • RTU – monitoring end- units connected to sensors at the process site
  • PLC – Programmed Logical Controllers – electronical devices that collect information, and monitor and control processes. These devices are cheaper and more flexible than RTU units that are manufactured for a specific process.
  • Communication Infrastructure  – an Ethernet-based communication infrastructure that connects the monitoring system to the RTU or PLC end units.

Contel provides SCADA systems of the FACTORYTALK VIEW® series made by Rockwell Automation

The Factorytalk system includes an applications generator both for simple monitoring in independent computers, and for strong HMI applications based on client-server configuration and hot backup.

Factorytalk systems were installed successfully in dozens of leading industrial plants in Israel, thanks to built-in mechanisms that allow manufacturers to monitor the manufacturing process and control them more easily.

The SCADA system of Rockwell Automation is supplied with the additional services of Contel, such as:

  • Preparation of a detailed specification of the client’s needs and writing of Functional Specifications (FS) that define the SCADA-supported work processes.
  • Provision of software licenses
  • Implementation of the software system and initial tests by our quality assurance team prior to the integration stage.
  • Installation at the client’s site, integration and testing of the system, supervision, and guidance for the client during the initial integration stages.
  • Integration of HMI monitoring systems, infrastructure, communication and interfaces in the ERP systems.

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SCADA and HMI systems
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