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Masoneilan is the symbol of innovation, technological leadership and response to the market’s needs with a variety of products and services, with an unprecedented global presence, and expertise in the field of advanced processes control. It is the leading supplier of solutions for processes that require control valves.  Masoneilan thrives on the dedication and innovative spirit of its workers to remain your top supplier and manufacturer in the present and future.

Masoneilan 35002 CAMFLEX II-ECCENTRIC plug rotary control valve

More than a million Camflex valves installed in a variety of industries and applications around the world are the proof for the quality and efficiency of these valves.

These valves require little maintenance and 50% less spare parts. It is easily serviceable. Its structure ensures minimum leakage from the axes in accordance with the environment protection standard ISO 15848.

Masoneilan 41000 series- heavy duty, globe-style control valve

A valve that is suitable for coping with harsh process conditions.

The valve is available with a variety of Trims, including Cage, to prevent cavitation damages and mitigate noise and vibration. Suitable for working areas characterized by the presence of natural gas.

Intended for the chemical and petrochemical industry to ensure minimum leakage from the axes, in accordance with the environment protection standards ISO 15848 and FCI91-1

Masoneilan 28000 Series Varipak* Valve

The control valve Masoneilan 28000 Varipak of GE was designed especially for low current applications. It is supplied with a wide variety of capabilities and possibilities to meet specific control needs.

The internal mechanism for Trim is especially compact, enabling the installation of a variety of CV values for stability and control even in high pressure conditions, preventing vibration and shock damages.

Masoneilan 21000 Series single port valve

The Single Globe 21000 Masoneilan control valve enables optimal control of a wide variety of process control applications.

Can be supplied with a wide variety of CV values, as well as with mechanisms intended for protecting the valve against cavitation damages and decreasing flow sounds.

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Control valves
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