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Industrial monitoring – monitoring systems

Contel ICS of Contel Technologies specializes in industrial monitoring and automation, and provides a wide variety of products and services:

Our solutions are known for improving utilization in manufacturing facilities, upgrading the existing monitoring and automation systems, and renewing them. We provide tools that assist manufacturers in utilizing processes on the production floor.

Contel provides consultation and engineering services. Our experienced engineers create plans for utilizing the production floor, improving output, increasing visibility, monitoring and documenting every detail in the facility, and utilizing existing resources.

The solutions provided by the company in this field include monitoring and communication (sensors, HMI, PLC, SCADA, vision, robotics, analytical equipment) and OEE/MES software for managing the production floor. Our company has great reputation in the field of automation and monitoring. We have 50 years of experience in providing high- quality engineering services in Israel.

Our services include high- quality monitoring services, defining the user’s requirements, providing ready-to-use software tools, implementing software solutions, manufacturing monitoring and electricity panels, managing the electrical and mechanical installation work, and putting the installed components into use.

Our activity in this field includes the following:

  • Exclusive distribution of automation and monitoring systems made by world-known suppliers, such as:

Rockwell Automation/ Allen-Bradley

Machine vision solution of Cognex

Fanuc Robotics

Kepware Technologies

And more (see the ‘Partners’ page on our website for additional information).

  • A large, smart warehouse of spare parts with thousands of items that are immediately available to our clients.
  • A service department with a team of experienced engineers who provide a 24/7 support to our industrial clients.
  • A team experienced in completing entire Turnkey projects in the fields of control, electricity, communication and manufacturing management software.
  • A laboratory intended for the repairmen of monitoring equipment approved by the suppliers.
  • A manufacturing factory of monitoring and electrical panels, as well as monitoring and electrical cabinets.

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Industrial monitoring – monitoring systems
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