Panels and electrical systems

Electrical panels

Contel is the distributor and partner of Rockwell Automation for intelligent MCC panels. The main advantage of these panels is minimum shut down times. Failed elements can be replaced during operation thanks to the unique drawers structure, which allows the user to disconnect the failed speed valve/starter locally by extracting the drawer and replacing it immediately. This means that the investment is returned within several months.

Another advantage of these panels is a foot print that is 30% lower than the foot print of standard MCC panels. The ability to monitor all communication components allows the clients to benefit from transparency in their electricity systems, optimal command and control, and lower consumption of electricity.

Intelligent MCC panels

Contel provides intelligent MCC panels with extractable drawers made by Rockwell Automation.

These cabinets have significant advantages that ensure high availability of the manufacturing assets, low-cost maintenance, improved work safety, energy saving, and better control of the organization’s resources.


MCC electrical panels for low- voltage starters

Contel provides MCC panels of the popular CENTERLINE 2500 IEC model to factories in Israel. The panels include the SecureConnectTM feature – full disconnection of feed/load/communication/ground connection. They come with four Mechanical modes for testing, extraction without special tools, full programming, events entry, Ethernet/IP communication between all panel components, management software, and more.

MCC electrical panels for high voltage

MCC panels for high voltage of the CENTERLINE 1500 model allow the user to add the ArcShield feature and ensure the panel’s durability against high short- circuit currents. The panels include arc discharge, three insulated cells, a disconnector with a connected cell indication, covers for horizontal busbars, a structure that includes door closure mechanisms and reinforcements, single-cable panel wiring, and more.

IntelliCENTER software for MCC panels

Includes an events entry, which enables the receipt of real-time data, detection of trends, and the display of components history, wiring diagrams, inventory list, operation manual and single-line sketching.  The software shortens the systems’ installation time and shut-down time in the event of a failure.

All electrical panels are manufactured in Contel’s Kfar Saba factory.



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Electrical panels
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