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PLC Allen Bradley

Contel has been the exclusive distributor of the Allen-Bradley controllers in Israel since the 70s.

Allen-Bradley sets the standards in the controllers industry and leads in technical innovation, providing development tools that simplify the development of the monitoring applications.

Thanks to the user-friendly interface and development tools of RSLogix series, the monitoring workers can benefit from the easy maintenance of monitoring applications and short development times for new applications.

Contel provides a PLC course for control workers – for more information, enter the Courses page on the website.

Services provided for programed controllers:

  • A 12-month liability for every product sold by Contel’s warehouses.
  • A large inventory for spare parts for most controllers, I/O cards, communication adaptors and other products that we provide to our clients. We can ensure the delivery of spare parts to the client’s site within four hours, allowing our clients to shorten the shut-down times in cases of hardware failure.
  • An electronic laboratory for the repairment of defective monitoring components.
  • Planning and implementation of the deployment of programed controllers for control panels manufactured in the company’s electricity panels factory.

We provide the following series of programmable controllers:

  • The ControlLogix series includes controllers for high-performance monitoring applications, with the following characteristics: built-in support for hot backup, integration of disk drivers in changing speeds built into the monitor, support of common communication protocols, and a solution for SIL2 applications. The controllers can be programed with RSLogix5000 – a tool for programing controllers characterized by a user- friendly interface.
  • The popular CompactLogix series is for small to medium control applications, which are characterized by great strength. It is adjusted to the machine or products line, and can manage communication via common protocols. Similar to the ControlLogix controllers, these controllers can also be programed via the RSLogix5000 control software.
  • The MicroLogix controllers series is for small applications. This series includes five types of PLC, which are characterized by features suitable for most types of simple control applications. Expansion cards can be added to controllers for supporting additional IO points.  The controllers can be programed via the RSLogix500 software.

Contel provides parts, as well as monitoring and upgrading services for the older series of the manufacturer’s controllers:

  • SLC series – a PLC series common in the Israeli industry.
  • PLC 5 – a series of strong PLC with proven success.
  • PLC2/PLC3 – a PLC series that were popular in the 80s in the first Israeli factories that installed control systems.

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PLC Allen Bradley
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