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FANUC Palletizing robots

Palletizing robots, or automatic palletizing, refer to robots with the ability to load and unload boxes, bags, and various items from conveyor belts to pallets, or from one pallet to another.  Palletizing robots are used in most industries: cleaning detergents, cement, and food are only some of them.

The FANUC robots manufacturer has nine models of palletizing robots with the ability to lift various types of loads. Different types of arms add flexibility to the palletizing robots. A gripper collects and supports the bags. A suction gripper handles loose items and grips them from above.

With automized palletizing, you can increase the consistency of loading and unloading processes.  Contel combines line- end solutions with palletizing robots, maps the client’s needs, plans and integrates high-level solutions, and ensures long-term efficiency.

Palletizing robots series:

M-410iC with four or five axes, lifting capacity of 700 kg, a reach of 3,143 mm, and a hollow arm.

M-710iC with four or five axes, lifting capacity of 540 kg, and a reach of 2,003 mm.

R-1000iA  with five or six axes, lifting capacity of 610 kg, and a reach of 2,230 mm.

R-2000iB-  with five or six axes, lifting capacity of 1.150 kg, and a reach of 2,655 mm.


Articulated robots

These are the most popular robots in factories around the world. Articulated robots normally come with 4-6 axes. They are more flexible than other robots in the market and provide more support. An articulated robot can be used for dozens of applications: local welding, handling of materials, palletizing, unloading of pallets, pick & place, and more.

An articulated robot, such as the FANUC R-2000iA, can improve the company’s productivity and its finished products by improving speed and accuracy. Thanks to their popularity and long life cycle, articulated robot systems are marketed at lower rates, making them cost-effect.

Contel Automation and Control is the authorized integrator for FANUC robots. Our team will plan, assemble, and adjust the perfect robotic system that will be suitable for your business.

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FANUC Palletizing robots
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