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Regulation valves

The Acvatix control valves of Siemens are considered the best valves for water systems, and specifically air-conditioning systems.

Contel offers a wide variety of valves – Globe valves, ball valves, and butterfly valves for the client to choose from according to flow conditions, temperature, and pressure.

We also offer Pressure Independent Balancing Control Valves (PICV) and intelligent valves combined with an output meter for controlling output and energy.

All valves are operated via multiple electrical operators to cater to all of the common needs of a factory.

  • The valves are available in the following diameters: 24” – 1/2”
  • Outputs: 37,000 – 0.63 m3/s, suitable for a pressure of 10-40 bar
  • Currents: water/water solution and glycol/steam/air
  • Temperature range: -25° – 350°c


PICV dynamic regulation valves made by Siemens

PICVs ensure fixed water outputs for air-conditioning units under every water pressure.

These valves ensure both optimal distribution of water output and optimal energy efficiency. They can be supplied with manual calibration and a motorized operator in sizes that fit the regulation ranges of small outputs. They are suitable for Nahshon Bellows and air treatment units.

PICVs enable better planning of facilities due to the flexible regulation of outputs and eliminate the need for water balancing.


Siemens smart control valves for air-conditioning facilities

The Siemens intelligent valve is a perfect combined system that includes a motorized control valve and an accurate measurement system of the consumed energy in air treatment units.

The system includes a control valve, an operator made by Acvatix, an energy measurement system, an ultrasonic output meter, temperature gauges, and an energy controller with M-Bus and cloud communications.

The system provides the perfect solution for regulating water output and measuring energy consumption in air treatment units.

Communication with a central computer enables measurement and billing of all energy consumers in the building. The system assists preliminary planning and enables flexibility for future changes in consumption.

The intelligent valves are supplied in the dimensions of 15-125 mm (0.5-5”) for outputs of 1.5-120 CBM/hour.


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Regulation valves
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