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FANUC industrial Cobots integrator

Cobot-A collaborative robot

Contel Technologies is the official integrator of the industrial cobots of FANUC. A cobot is a robot that can work with humans safely without the need for separators. Contel provides planning and installation services for cobots at the client’s site and adjusts the cobot to the client’s needs for successful implementation at the manufacturing lines. With a team of professional engineers who are responsible for application planning, mechanical planning and engineering, Contel provides high quality solutions for cobot applications.

The cobots series of FANUC includes four models, all of which have six- axis systems:

  • The CR-4 can bear up to 4 kg with a  reach of 550 mm
  • The CR-7 can bear up to 7 kg with a  reach of 717 mm
  • The CR-7 can bear up to 7 kg with a  reach of 911 mm
  • The CR-14 can bear up to 14 kg with a  reach of 911 mm
  • The CR-15 can bear up to 15 kg with a  reach of 1.441 mm
  • The CR-35 can bear up to 35 kg with a  reach of 1.813 mm

The COBOT can return the investment within less than eight months.

In a flattening project completed for Tambour, it was decided to use the COBOT to enable movement of persons on the production floor and avoid the need for separators that occupy precious floor space. The cobots’ role is to lift paint buckets weighing 24 kg from the conveyor belt to the surface at a pace of up to 2,200 packages per day. With the introduction of the cobot, there has been a 100% improvement in the department’s efficiency, and the ability to work with a variety of packages increased. The investment return defined by Tambour was 3 years. In fact, the COBOT solution, together with an increase in sales, resulted in an ROI of less than eight months.

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