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FANUC – industrial robots

Contel is the official integrator and distributor of FANUC in Israel, and implements its robotic solutions. With its experience and engineering knowledge in the field of automation and industrial control, Contel provides robotic solutions and applications for all sectors that combine robots with factory control systems, computer vision and MESs. The integration and combination of various systems allow us to provide our clients with turn key solutions with comprehensive liability.

SCARA robots

SCARA robots are the right choice for pick & place  or assembly activities. They are fast and accurate. There are two models with a bearing capacity of 3 or 6 kg. Both have a work capacity of 360 degrees, with compact SCARA robots that can be installed on tables.

Spider robot- Delta Robots

Ideal for fast movement processes.  Suitable for handling light materials up to 1 kg, with a reach of 420 mm. The robot is suitable for a variety of assembly possibilities, high repetition, light weight (17 kg), and the ability to complete a wide variety of tasks suitable for 4- and 6- axis systems.

Increase of productivity with LR Mate

A robot that increases productivity in a wide range of tasks. The robot has an arm that is similar in its size to a human arm – a compact solution for transporting materials at a linear speed of up to 4 meters per second, with a repetitiveness of 0.01 mm, for a weight of up to 7 kg. The robot is suitable for a wide range of industries such as food, metal and clean rooms. Optional, built-in, intelligent features (vision and Force sensor) have higher levels of accuracy and productivity. The LR Mate series for the FANUC robots is supplied with special equipment for welding, painting, and clean rooms.


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FANUC -פתרונות רובוטיים מתקדמים
FANUC – industrial robots
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