IIOT systems for production management

MES System

PlantSharp caters to a growing need for one robust system that connects to the factory’s components, analyzes the manufacturing indicators, and displays the data in real time.  This helps the manager analyze all cumulative indicators, make informed decisions, and utilize the factory.

Our MES solution is characterized by a modern, intuitive user experience that allows the workers to focus on manufacturing and operation.

PlantSharp is a modular, integrative system that can be implemented gradually per the client’s needs. In today’s competitive industry, this tool is a breakthrough.  The platform is flexible, and can be customized according to the needs on the ground. It enables the receipt of fast OEE indicators, handling of manufacturing failures, management of shifts, and implementation of full OEE solutions.

The user can integrate other modules into this system, such as quality management, technical parameters, and more (see the product diagram below). The combination of various modules provides a full MES solution that supports Industry 4.0 methodologies and brings your factory to the 21st century.

OEE module

The OEE module is the heart of the Manufacturing Execution System (MES). It monitors and analyzes OEE indicators, shutdowns, and failures, and produces out- of- the box management reports.

Quality tests module

Quality management and integration with the manufacturing process, test profiles, laboratory samples, center tests, and more.

Traceability module

Management of all traceability parameters, and definition of recipes, load-bearing pallets, manufacturing frames, designated operator screen, and more.

Weighing management solution

A designated system for the management and control of the entire weighing system in the factory, creation of premix processes, weight definition, and more.

Planning/assignment module

A module that enables work assignment for the manufacturing lines according to the manufacturing possibilities defined in the system.

Instructions module

Management of built-in processes in the manufacturing lines, with the possibility to combine images, sketches, etc. The users follow a set of instructions relevant for their stations.

Laboratory module

This module tests all raw materials and products during all manufacturing stages.

Module for monitoring energy in the manufacturing lines

A module that serves for tracking the use of various types of energy such as electricity, gas, and fuel.

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