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SIEMENS energy meters

Contel provides Siemens energy meters for HVAC&R units in large water-based facilities (chillers). The energy gauges are connected to a computer with a designated software (EnerWeb), through a cloud technology that produces invoices according to the consumed energy, while considering the varying electricity rates throughout the day.

Contel and SATEC provide a reliable solution for billing consumers of HVAC&R and heating systems based on water battery and/or fan coil technologies.

In buildings with multiple users, where the cooling and heating water are supplied centrally, the objective is that every tenant/consumer pays for his/her own consumption.

The energy consumption of the various users is calculated via a local, computerized calculation system based on the following formula:

[Temperature difference] X [permanent] X [water output] = consumed energy

[Temperature difference] X [permanent] X [water output] = consumed energy


Energy cost is calculated according to the electricity rates that vary throughout the day (the seasonal and hourly rates of the Israel Electric Corporation).


Ultrasonic meters for air-conditioning and heating systems – Heat Meter Ultrasonic® UH50

An ultrasonic energy meter developed for measuring energy consumption in air-conditioning systems. This system is suitable for measuring cooling, heating, and cooling/heating energy. The ultrasonic technology provides stable measurement and high accessibility.

  • Nominal water output: up to 60 CBM /hour.
  • Calibration standard – EN1434.
  • Measurement/output principle – ultrasonic (time of flight).
  • Smart meter for every application (heating and cooling).
  • Simple installation in a return line, can be installed horizontally and vertically.
  • There is no need for straight sections before and after the meter.
  • 1.5-meter cable for split installation.
  • Feed – 11-year battery.
  • Low pressure falls.
  • No moving parts, 2%± accuracy, zero maintenance.
  • Temperature range: 10 – 130 ºC.
  • Calibrated system.
  • Output measurement range – 1:100
  • Data logger built into the controller.
  • Calculation unit: electronic (for local and distant installation – up to 5 meters).
  • 4 display cycles in the controller.
  • Communication: wire, M-Bus (pulse, analogous), wireless (infra-red and radio frequency).

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SIEMENS energy meters
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