IIOT systems for production management

System OEE

This module is responsible for on-line management and monitoring of the OEE indicators from the production machines in the factory.

The solution is based on an infrastructural connection of the system to the plant’s control layer, reading OEE indicators and displaying them in real time in the system.

The OEE index is of central importance in examining the plant’s efficiency and allows actions to be taken in real time to improve and optimize productivity which will raise the OEE index.

The calculation of OEE indicators is usually carried out as follows:

  • Availability = the time there is a work order on the line less the time scheduled stops on the line divided by the shift time on the line
  • Efficiency = quantity of products produced on the line divided by the time that there is a work order on the line minus the time of planned stops on the line times the standard production rate
  • Quality = quantity of good products produced in a line divided by quantity of products produced in a line
  • OEE = availability times efficiency times quality

The OEE index also includes the management and monitoring of faults, stoppages and production shutdowns at any given moment.

The system allows the employee to report the cause of the malfunction and its location in a simple and convenient way, thus allowing the more frequent causes to be monitored, what causes them, when they happen, etc.

This data will then allow us to examine how the failure times can be reduced and/or route the production more efficiently and correctly.

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OEE system
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