Panels and electrical systems

Manufacturing of electricity panels

Contel Electromechanics manufactures electricity and control panels for industrial and public buildings.

Our panels factory in Kfar Saba is a 1200- sqm facility that manufactures hundreds of panels every year.

The factory adheres to the Israeli standard for panels, IEC-61439 (with an output of 3200 ampere) and to the American standard UL-508A.

Engineering and development teams plan the electricity and control panels. The factory also employs wiring and installation teams, and quality personnel to inspect the panels and supply chain and ensure that the milestones are met.

Contel delivers the manufactured panels to the clients’ site and provides installation and operation services in accordance with international quality standards. Contel has a unique standard stamp of ISO-27001 for information security.

Contel’s products for output systems include:

  • IEC- standard electricity and control panels.
  • UL- standard electricity and control panels.
  • Smart MCC panels of the Centerline 2500 series made by Rockwell Automation
  • High voltage systems including transformers, high voltage regulators, starters, starting panels, and speed valves for motors.
  • Planning and execution of electricity systems for facilities and manufacturing sites.
  • Electricity and control systems that meet EX explosion-proof standards.

The industrial sectors for which Contel manufactures electricity panels include:

  • Electricity and control systems for water treatment facilities.
  • Electricity and control systems for semi-conductors.
  • Electricity systems for renewable energy and energy storage.
  • Electricity and control systems for the chemical, petrochemical and process industries.
  • Systems for food and beverage factories.

Our company specializes in sub-contracting for OEM manufacturers – we provide development and engineering teams, strict quality control processes, and engineering work throughout the product’s lifecycle.

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Manufacturing of electricity panels
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